Reliable Scalable Connectivity


MPLS provides you with reliable and scalable connectivity around the globe in excess to over 150+ countries and is the foundation of all your services such as unified communications, cloud connectivity, security, vital data, collaboration tools and SD-WAN.

Worldwide Networks can offer you a range of control and reporting tools to enable you to have full visibility and control over your infrastructure. You have the ability to quickly and virtually manage your bandwidth online to ensure your business needs are met. Changes applied on your portal typically can be automatically implemented within 30 minutes. A fully managed service will enable you to control your operational costs and allow your staff to focus on running your business rather than the network.

Future-proof your connectivity with a reliable private and scalable WAN.


Any to Any connectivity
Move all of your data, applications and unified communications onto a single fully meshed network infrastructure. You can expand additional new sites into your current infrastructure with ease or include it within your SDWAN design.

Communication over an efficient, flexible and secure layer 2 connection. Additional centralised security can keep all your sites safe and secure.

Improve uptime by sending data over alternative paths or multiple carriers (if one exists). Our SLA’s are world class to ensure you keep your connectivity up and running all year long.

We can provide you with Service edge or Geographic diversity

With the dynamic portal, you can implement changes to your site bandwidth aligning it with your business demands 24/7. Within the portal, you can view proactive performance management, capacity management and reporting tools on our infrastructure.

Cloud interconnect options
Share centralised connectivity into service provider cloud platforms with all your sites through our MPLS infrastructure. More cost effective and resilient than separate connections for each site.

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