Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

IoT is a rapidly evolving technology assisting many businesses in their need for visibility and control. Advances in security, Artificial Intelligence, communications have enabled IoT to grow at a phenomenal pace over the past years. IoT is the network of dedicated physical objects that contain embedded technology to sense or interact with its environment. Whether you wish to build smart cities, create predictive maintenance solutions, driver behaviour, freight location, monitor elderly patients or lone worker alarms to pet location Worldwide Networks have devices from multiple manufacturers to meet your needs.


Machine to machine connectivity, M2M, provides constant visibility and intelligence of its surrounding from temperature, drivers behaviour to location.

Automation and control
As these physical devices are constantly connected you can digitally control them from any centralised location wirelessly or wired.

Informative business decisions
Make more informative business decisions with constant and current information on hand from all of your IOT devices.

Stock management or identify issues with devices easily with IOT devices communicating their status to centralised locations. Pre-empt failure to critical devices with IOT from temperature control to even tracking journeys of your goods.

Cost saving
Control daily tasks that otherwise would have to be actioned by human intervention saving you money and time as a business. Immediate alerts from issues, breakdowns or bottlenecks in your business will ensure they are dealt with immediately saving money from any delays.

Accurate information is constantly being sent in a timely manner to enable you to have a complete vision of the here and now.

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