Dedicated Internet Services

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Dedicated Internet Services

Let Worldwide Networks provide you with a dedicated permanently open high bandwidth internet connectivity rather than best effort connections offered by others. Whether this is your sole site connectivity or part of your SDWAN solution we can assist you on what is the best solution for your needs. We can provide you access over TDM, ethernet, DSL, cable, wireless 4G and satellite.

Fast, reliable and scalable connections to the internet with a range of IP solutions.


Dedicated high bandwidth connection to the internet ensuring no bottlenecks occur to hinder your business needs with the ability to implement certain levels of QoS.

Scalability options
Enable flexible connections that can adjust to meet your ever-changing business requirements from 1Mbps to 100Gbps connections.

Expansive coverage
These dedicated Internet services allow your business to have high speed internet connections at single or multiple locations around the world.

Guaranteed bandwidth
Do not constrain your business with best efforts, ensure that your connection bandwidth can be utilised for your data.

Ensuring the services built for your business are monitored to provide maximum uptime.

High reliability
Highly reliable, high bandwidth dedicated connections for mission critical applications.

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