Cyber Security

Safeguarding Your Data

Cyber Security

As the world is growing more connected every day so is the threat. To keep control and safeguard your data is a concern for all businesses. Worldwide Networks can provide you with a multi-layered security strategy focused on your environment. From penetration testing to highlight any weak areas to an end-to-end cyber detection solution with response that delivers visibility, actionable intelligence and adaptable responses to protect against potential threats. We can secure your valuable data with edge, end user and centralised security solutions to ensure you are secured with the latest protection.

Protect your business with centralised, end user for the ever increasing mobile workforce to edge security solutions with consultation of various security measures to guard against the increased threat to your data.


STOP Threats
Prepare your business against threats with combinations of simple firewalls, fully managed security devices, cloud or virtualised security functions easily and quickly.

Cost effective
With cost effective compliant solutions and managed security devices from several manufacturers ensuring you are kept safe from ever evolving threats.

Network threat monitoring
Assist you with detecting and dealing with malicious abnormalities within your internet traffic prior to it hitting your network or migrate large DDoS attacks to ensure your business keeps running.

If you are unfortunate to experience a security breach, then we can deploy a specialised security team to contain, investigate to minimise the damage to your business and ensure the weaknesses are fixed.

Security SOC
Access to around the clock security SoC to give you peace of mind that the support is there when you need it.

Penetration testing
Let us carry out a penetration test of your current security to ensure that you are aware of any vulnerabilities.

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