Another Layer Of Security


Security is a fundamental part of all our business activities.  CCTV adds an additional layer and can be an integrated security system connected over IP whether that is wireless, internet or MPLS.  More intelligent cameras with movement zones and facial recognition can add to the security of your business and accessed from anywhere in the world securely.  Worldwide Networks can advise you on various security solutions which can increase the motivation of your staff when they feel secure and backed up by the monitoring service to ensure their safety and peace of mind.

IP and 4G IP CCTV solutions to enhance any security solutions from retail to commercial premises.


Crime deterrent   
Monitor your premises and staff as a deterrent to criminals.

Cost effective 
A CCTV system is a cost effective for of security for your business.

Peace of mind
A Camera system improves your staff’s sense of security and reassurance when in the workplace.

Monitor activities  
CCTV System can constantly monitor activities at your premises to keep track on what is happening whether installed in a car park or point of sale retail outlet position.

Disputes and evidence
When unwanted actions occur the footage speaks for itself and protects staff against dishonest claims. The footage tells the truth.

Monitor high risk areas 
Placing cameras in high risk areas such as factories can ensure emergency measures are made immediately and encourage good behaviour and practices.

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